Simple braced arm to a full out extended arm with differential centering and mono shock conversion – We can do it all. Powdercoating, painting, and or chroming are also available on these. We can do this on exchange or on the customer core. See Below for more details or Contact Us to find out more!

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Braced only – $150-$200 (depending on what you want for a brace) The 1×2 box tubing is super stout and is the higher charge.

Notched and Braced $200-$250 (again depending on brace type)

Powder Coating $150 (plus we suggest new bearings when coating or chroming). Paint $150 but you don’t need new bearings (I normally do not suggest paint in this location on the bike). Chrome – Inquire.

3″ Extended, Notched, Braced – $500+ (does not include driveshaft or coating and is with shocks relocated 3″ back – this will lower the bike 2-2.5″ and is what you see in the pictures). Depending on the tire/wheel combination used this can cause fender clearance concerns. We can offer an offset shock bracket for an additional fee that can reuse your stock shocks and maintain same ride height.

6″ Extended, Notched, Braced, Shock relocation, Mono, ect… – $600 and up.